Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely! To best serve you ILPartners wants to understand your needs and how our products and services can provide solutions to them. If after our initial conversation it becomes clear additional discussion would be beneficial then we would request a follow-up meeting in order to build a proposal. Only after the proposal is accepted and a contract is signed would we begin charging for our services

After your initial contact with ILPartners our goal is to respond within one business day and usually much sooner. We will work with you to find the soonest time to meet with you that accommodates your schedule.

After the initial risk assessment the code is the most important document from which all other program elements emanate (such as detailed policies, training and communications, auditing and monitoring of the program, and overall program improvements). Visit our Solutions page for a comprehensive listing and detailed description of how we can serve your potential needs.

Creating a work culture that promotes ethical leadership starts with the very top leaders of the organization. These CEOs, presidents and Boards of Directors must be fully committed to working a plan to not only have a code of ethics and compliance in place, they must engage their subordinate vice presidents, directors and managers to bring the code to life! They must let them know that if their environment is one of fear, they will not be able to quickly and accurately identify the problems that are getting in the way of running the business most effectively and efficiently.