Our Clients

Our Clients

Too many business leaders and Board of Directors members put themselves and their companies at unnecessary risks when they say they do not have the resources to ‘Promote Ethics and Compliance’.  As clearly seen in weekly newspaper articles, the results of unethical actions by employees can lead to catastrophic losses in both profitability and reputational status.  What can you do to help avoid an ethical lapse?

As a small niche consulting firm, ‘Integrity Leadership Partners, LLC (ILPartners), offers businesses an excellent opportunity to partner with a set of Ethics and Compliance (E & C) experts that can either help the Company install an E & C program or add a temporary professional and experienced asset to advance their own existing programs.   With ILPartners, no company is too small or too large, with the thought that it is more important to be moving in the right direction than to be stagnant or not moving. — ILPartners also provides its solutions for non-profit concerns.

Client Industries

We graciously and proudly seek to serve clients from most all types of businesses, including but not limited to:




Food Service




Oil & Gas





In all cases, we seek to gather information to support the critical analysis of the issues and processes at hand, and then use our skills and tools in offering solutions.