Code of Conduct

Our Approach to Code of Conduct Development

The Integrity Leadership Partners approach is to first listen to the client describe their current code or one that they would like to develop. After listening, as may be desired, ILP will review the organization’s current code or one that is being developed or updated, and ask questions and make recommendations they believe would best serve the client.

Why is a Code of Conduct Important?

Having a code is where it all starts! Any organization’s lifeline to creating and sustaining a culture of ethical leadership starts with the code. Why is this? Couldn’t we just have an ethics policy that says to obey the law, do good and not evil? No! If an organization wants to be effective and efficient in its business dealings and operations, then it must organize for success. This means setting up standards or policies and procedures for how work gets done.

Almost all organizations develop sets of policies and procedures to do just this. A code of conduct may be thought of a large umbrella that defines and describes major policy areas and the requirements needed to comply with these policies. The best companies start with a comprehensive code of conduct appropriate for their size and industry, and then populate more detailed policies and procedures underneath the code. Detailed policies and procedures, not included in the code itself, are always supportive of the code.

ILPartners Ethics & Compliance Code Assessment Tool (CAT)™

Contact us to request more information about our ILPartners Ethics & Compliance Code Assessment Tool (CAT)™ that analyzes any given code against a best in class code.

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Blueprint to a solid Code of Conduct policy?

There is no question that any investment spent to provide employees and other stakeholders a code of conduct that inspires them to give their best efforts to the organization is worth any money spent on creating or improving the current code. For companies wanting to create and maintain a stance of being an ethics and compliance leader, ongoing code management is a must!

Major sections or areas of content to review in benchmarking a code against a best in class model include:

  •  Is Leadership support and authority identified for the code’s contents?
  •  Are the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the organization identified?
  •  Is there appropriate and accurate information for how employees and others can ‘Speak Up’ ?
  •  Are the major sections and contents effectively and efficiently indexed for ease of use?
  • Are the applicable integrity and compliance areas adequately and correctly covered in the code provisions?
  • Does the code give the organization’s philosophy and commitment to Environmental and Community Areas?
  • As may be needed, are global considerations given?
  • Is the code easy to read and understand, possibly through its use of examples, frequently asked questions and overall layout?

Let ILPartners develop your company's code of conduct program

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