Training and Communications related to Ethical Leadership and Code of Conduct Provisions

ILPartners’ Approach is to Training and Communications is a passionate one! ILP knows that an organization’s standards, policies and procedures are of little value if they are not translated to the organization’s members in ways that are effective. Effective training and communications is where the learning that goes on ‘sticks’ and leads to appropriate and desired work practices.

ILPartners will listen to its client’s situation and then offer customized solutions on how the client organization can be successful in planning, performing and following up ethics and compliance training and communications requirements. ILP services may include designing training and communications ‘plans’, identifying and / or designing appropriate training, and then checking to see how effective the training and communications were in meeting the organization’s goals.

Forms of Training and Communications

Forms of training and communications can include developing and delivering relevant articles, presentations, game-making programs, scenario setting, or other means of delivering the key messages identified. Those who receive this training and communications may include but not limited to:

  • Boards of Directors
  • Top Management
  • Middle and First Line Management
  • Workforce
  • Suppliers
  • Company Agents, and others

In many ways, administering ethics and compliance training and communications is where the ‘rubber meets the road’. This is where the organization’s work in identifying its Ethics and Compliance risks, and its work in developing sound policies and procedures around those risks are given life, not only through the organization’s code of conduct, but through those at the company who receive communications and training on the organizations standards, policies and procedures.

To comply with the provisions of the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSGs) to provide ‘effective’ training, it takes a well laid out Training and Communications plan that is executed so that the organization can prove to itself, and possibly others, that the employees, and others affected as noted in the FSGs, have received, read and understand the ethics and compliance standards of the organization.

Compliance with Chapter 8, section 8B2.1 of the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines, entitled Effective Compliance and Ethics Program, requires that organizations provide training and communications to its governing authority, its employees and agents when it states in part that:

“The organization’s governing authority shall be knowledgeable about the content and operation of the compliance and ethics program and shall exercise reasonable oversight with respect to the implementation and effectiveness of the compliance and ethics program.”

The Guidelines further note that the organization shall take reasonable steps to communicate periodically and in a practical manner its standards and procedures, and other aspects of the compliance and ethics program, to the members of the governing authority, high-level personnel, substantial authority personnel, the organization’s employees, and , as appropriate, the organization’s agents.

In all situations, ILPartners wishes to collaborate with the client in any way it can using its consultants’ knowledge, skills and experiences to meet the goals of the client. ILP’s small, boutique size allows it to customize solutions that are often more engaging for the client and less expensive than other ongoing cost alternatives.

Let ILPartners develop your training and communications programs

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