Vision, Mission, Values and Guiding Principles

Our Vision

We help companies by promoting Ethical Leadership and Compliance.

Our Mission

The Mission Statement of Integrity Leadership Partners, LLC is simple:

To actively listen and professionally respond to the needs of our customers with effective and efficient business solutions that meet their legal, ethical, economic, and social needs.

We perform our services rigorously in areas of:

  • Ethical Leadership
  • Compliance
  • Culture

Core Values

We accomplish our mission by using our core values and guiding principles.

  • Honesty – We are truthful and forthcoming with ourselves and our clients.
  • Integrity – Encircles all other values with its very essence ingrained in our every thought and action.
  • Respect – We follow the Golden Rule, treating each person with dignity and fairness while respecting the laws and rules where we do business. We respect the confidentiality of sensitive information. 
  • Trust – We are committed to a culture of openness that builds confidence in all our relationships.
  • Passion – We are intensely passionate about our work which drives our enthusiasm to serve others.
  • Innovation – We value and create innovative solutions as building blocks to competitive advantage.

Guiding Principles

Be Approachable

As a professional services provider, we desire to always be approachable by our clients and others who have a stake in our work.

Stay Open Minded

When we stay this way, more innovation and creativity are generated.

Be Credible

If we don’t know, we’ll tell you that, but we will also voice what we do know or what we can do to help respond to a situation.

Maximize Value to Clients

We will work very hard collaborating with our clients to assure resources are being spent optimally for both short and longer term goals. We will also act with independence, giving an outside perspective to findings and recommendations.